Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Hot Weather?

RR Electric technician working on HVAC system

Imagine this: it’s Friday night. You’re on your way home from work looking forward to a relaxing night in with the kids and dogs, but you come home to a sweltering mid-summer surprise. Your air conditioner has stopped working completely, so it’s not safe for you or your family — not to mention, your plans for a peaceful evening have been uprooted entirely. Now, you’re frantically calling in for an emergency ac repair in Simi Valley, all because you had foregone air conditioning maintenance over the years. If you hadn’t, consider how different your evening could be. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can benefit from AC maintenance. 

What Can Air Conditioner Maintenance Do for Your Home? 

Besides keeping your family members and guests comfortable, air conditioner maintenance offers multiple valuable benefits to your home. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Over time, your air conditioner collects dirt and debris throughout the internal components. While filters are responsible for trapping the particles and contaminants, some may still make their way into your home if your air conditioner is not regularly maintained. These contaminants, such as dust or pollen, directly contribute to poor indoor air quality. As a result, you and your family’s health could be suffering from allergens and other pollutants in the air. 

Fewer Repairs Needed

During a maintenance visit, a technician will thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system for any components which are no longer working properly. By having your unit serviced regularly, you can prevent more significant issues in the future, like a total and sudden breakdown which would require an air conditioning replacement. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your system running, especially for homeowners who have older units.

Extends Lifespan

Similarly, when fewer AC repairs are needed, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your system. With regular tune-ups, you can get ahead of any potential problems before they cause more serious issues.

Increased System Efficiency

Once your air conditioner has been examined, cleaned, and any repairs have been addressed, the efficiency of your AC system should improve substantially. After the dirt or buildup is cleared, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to do the same job it was beforehand. 

Lower Utility Bills

One of the most notable benefits to the upkeep of your AC system is a decrease in your utility bills. Through cleaned components, replaced parts, and an overall operations evaluation, your air conditioner will operate more efficiently, leading to lower air conditioning bills. 

Additional Benefits

Besides those mentioned above, here are a few more ways you can benefit from air conditioner maintenance this spring: 

  • Experience less humidity in the home
  • Preserve your manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Minimize pest infestations 

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