Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Installation in Simi Valley, CA

Electric vehicles offer us a low-emissions or emissions-free way of getting where we need to go. With the surging cost of fuel and ready availability of electric vehicle technology, these cars are rapidly becoming an economical alternative to traditional gasoline engines. However, they can’t be refueled by going to a pump — instead, they must be plugged in to charge.

The fastest and safest way to plug an electric vehicle into your home power grid is with an EV charger installation from RR Electric, Heating & Air. We know how important it is that your car receives the fast, dependable charging it needs. We are proud to offer EV charging installation for cars and hold ourselves to high standards. Rest assured that every job we complete exceeds our rigorous and time-tested standards of quality.

We can provide you with an EV charging station installation in Simi Valley, CA, and the following communities:

  • Agoura Hills
  • Calabasas
  • Camarillo
  • Canoga Park
  • Chatsworth
  • Moorpark
  • Northridge
  • North Hills
  • Oxnard
  • Santa Clarita
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Van Nuys
  • Ventura
  • West Hills
  • Westlake Village
  • Woodland Hills

Do you own an electric vehicle? Bring home the power of reliable, fast charging with a Simi Valley EV charging station installation. Call us today to request an estimate.

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Your EV Charging Station Installers in Simi Valley, CA

Installing car charging stations may seem straightforward — but one wrong move can put the effectiveness of your charger at risk. It’s best to hire a professional to handle your Simi Valley EV charging station installation. That way, you can have peace of mind that the job is completed accurately and safely.

At RR Electric, Heating & Air, we offer premium-quality EV charging station installations that you can count on. Feel confident that we can configure yours to work correctly with your vehicle and your home. Our electrical car charger installers make sure every connection is secure and efficient, so you don’t have to stress. Plus, we even help set up your new charger so that it’s ready to charge your vehicle from the moment you first plug it in.

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EV Charging Stations for Cars Have Many Benefits, Including:

  • Faster charging: Electric vehicle charging stations often utilize a 220-volt connection, meaning faster charging for your car.
  • Safer charging: EV charging stations monitor your battery and can immediately adjust or shut off if they detect any abnormalities in charging that could otherwise damage the battery.
  • Better efficiency: EV charging stations waste less energy when charging your car, which means your cost of driving drops even further.
  • Better monitoring: Many EV charging stations can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, giving you the ability to see your charging status in real-time.

The average electric vehicle owner does over 80 percent of their vehicle charging at home. When you consider that overwhelmingly high number, it’s easy to see how much you could benefit from a Simi Valley EV charging station installation.

Choose RR Electric for Your EV Charger Installation

EV chargers are designed to work with your vehicle to charge at the optimal rate at all times. At RR Electric, Heating & Air, we promise to help you reap these benefits and more with an EV charging station installation. Know without a doubt that our electrical car charger installers are here to meet all of your home comfort needs.

Along with installing car charging stations, our services also include:

We offer our services in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Camarillo, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Moorpark, Northridge, North Hills, Oxnard, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, Van Nuys, Ventura, West Hills, Westlake Village, and Woodland Hills.

Your car deserves only the best EV charging station installation in Simi Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.