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Circuit Breaker Repair in Simi Valley, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Electrical issues can be very problematic when repairs are necessary. They should always be handled by a qualified professional. One wrong move can cause sparks and result in a damaging and dangerous fire. Not to mention the fact that you could be seriously injured from the electricity or resulting fire as well. That is why it is critical you have a professional electrician for breaker services for your home, as well as any other electrical repairs.

Our background-checked and highly trained technicians at RR Electric are happy to assist you with breaker services for your home or any electrical problems you may be facing. RR Electric is dedicated to providing our community with high-quality electrical repair services at an affordable price. Whether you need circuit breaker replacement or circuit breaker repair, the electrical contractors at RR Electric promise to provide effective and efficient electrical services.

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Blown House Fuse Repair and Replacement

A fuse is an older version of a breaker. If you still have fuse service in your home, you may want to consider an upgrade to a breaker service for your home. Upgrading your existing electrical panel to a circuit breaker panel could give you more wattage use, increase the value of your residence, and reduce the chance of an electrical fire. Also, breaker service for a home is much safer and easier to maintain than outdated electrical fuse service.

Fuses are designed to be a weak link in your electrical circuit. If you are using too much power, the fuse will burn out, causing the power to shut off. If you blow a fuse, you will need to correct your power usage and install a fuse replacement before the electricity will work. It is essential that you install a fuse replacement correctly, or else you may run the risk of a fire. An improperly installed fuse can result in severe damage to your appliances, electrical system, and your home.

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Electrical Breaker Repair in Moorpark, CA

Electrical breakers are an important safety mechanism that limits and monitors your power supply. Should you exceed the wattage limitations of your electrical panel, the breakers will automatically trip, turning off your power. This reduces the chances of an electrical fire.

For example, if you are using a hairdryer, charging a cell phone, heating a curling iron, and playing music from a speaker, all in the same room, the breaker may determine you have hit your power capacity and cut off your supply.


The main breaker governs all of the power sources for a house. Smaller circuit electrical breakers on your circuit breaker panel control various rooms, parts of rooms, or hardwired appliances. Some appliances that may have their own breaker include furnaces, heaters, washing machines, water heaters, and air conditioners.

We serve residential properties in Simi Valley and the following areas:

High-Quality Breaker Services for Your Home With RR Electric

When you are in need of breaker service for your home, contact RR Electric. Our local electricians will visit your house, evaluate the issue, and create a comprehensive plan to correct the problem. With RR Electric working for you, your home and loved ones will have a safe and secure electrical system they can count on. RR Electric also provides the following additional electrical services for houses:

If you require breaker service for your home or any other electrical system maintenance, circuit breaker repair, circuit breaker replacement, a blown house fuse repair or installation, RR Electric is here to help. Our professional electricians will assist in providing high-quality electrical services you can rely on. For more information about RR Electric, contact us today!