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Generator Repair Specialists in Simi Valley, CA

When you are experiencing a problem with your electrical, heating, or cooling systems, you need help as soon as you can get it. Luckily, our team at RR Electric, Heating & Air is conveniently located in Simi Valley and can quickly get to the Santa Clarita Valley! Once we arrive at your property, we will work quickly and effectively to resolve any issues so you can comfortably enjoy the rest of your day. Our team of skilled service technicians is focused on making sure your home is in proper working order again.

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The Most Common Generator Issues

At RR Electric, Heating & Air, generator problems are our forte. This means we know everything that can cause problems with your generator and can deliver efficient and effective solutions to solve the most common problems that plague generators. Look to our generator repair specialists in Simi Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas for support with the following: 

Failure to Start

One of the most disheartening issues is when your generator fails to start. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as battery failure, fuel supply issues, or a malfunctioning starter motor. Regular maintenance can often prevent these issues, but when they occur, professional intervention is necessary to diagnose and fix the issue.

Fuel Leaks

Fuel leaks pose a significant safety risk and hinder your generator’s performance. They can result from degraded fuel lines, loose connections, or corrosion. Identifying and addressing the source of a fuel leak helps ensure safe operation and prevent further complications.

Unusual Sounds

Generators should operate relatively quietly. If you notice banging, grinding, or whining noises, it’s a sign that something’s amiss. These sounds can indicate issues ranging from loose components to serious internal damage.


Generators can overheat due to excessive use, poor ventilation, or a malfunctioning cooling system. Overheating reduces efficiency and, if not addressed, can lead to severe damage. 

Electrical Failures

Electrical failures can be complex, involving anything from the alternator to the control panel. These issues require a skilled technician who can safely navigate the generator’s electrical system, perform accurate diagnostics, and implement effective repairs.

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Why Our Professional Generator Repair Services Are Your Best Bet

Choosing RR Electric, Heating & Air means opting for a team that combines technical prowess with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Our technicians understand the inner workings of various generator models, and we also understand the importance of swift, effective generator service. You’ll be investing in the longevity and reliability of your generator, backed by a team that cares about keeping your home powered and protected. 

Additional benefits of getting professional generator repairs in Simi Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas include:

  • Safety First: Generators involve electricity, fuel, and high pressures, posing significant safety risks. Our professionals have the training to handle these dangers.
  • Correct Diagnostics: Identifying the root cause of a generator problem can be complex. Our technicians have the experience and tools needed to perform accurate diagnostics on issues with automatic transfer switches and other critical components.
  • Efficiency: We recognize the urgency of generator repairs. Our team works swiftly to get your system back up and running, minimizing downtime.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Incorrect DIY repairs can lead to more significant issues down the line. Our team can help you avoid costly repairs with swift and effective service.
  • Warranty Preservation: DIY repairs can void manufacturer warranties. Our professional services make sure your generator’s warranty remains intact.

Long-Term Reliability: Beyond immediate repairs, our services focus on ensuring your standby or portable generator remains reliable over the long term, offering preventative maintenance tips and schedules based on your model.


Emergency Generator Service for Those Serious Issues

We know that some generator problems can’t wait. With our emergency repair services for generators, we can address urgent issues immediately. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden failure during a power outage or a noticeable safety concern, we’re here to provide prompt, effective solutions around the clock. With RR Electric, Heating & Air, you won’t have to worry about an impending storm, leaving you in the dark. 

Additional Services We Offer

Beyond repairs, RR Electric, Heating & Air offers a range of services for generators, including proper maintenance and load bank testing required by the National Fire Protection Association, designed to keep your system in top condition. Plus, we offer whole home surge protection and electrical panel upgrades. Get the support you need!

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Our Generator Repair Services Make Sure You and Your Loved Ones Live Comfortably

If you want to protect your home, a generator is a necessity. At RR Electric, Heating & Air, we’re here to deliver reliable generator repair services for Simi Valley, CA, and residents in the surrounding area. Trust us to keep your generator ready to go when you most need it. We help keep you and your loved ones comfortable through any situation.

If you’re experiencing generator issues in Southern California or want to make sure your system is in peak condition to handle any power failure, don’t hesitate to reach out to RR Electric. Our expert team is ready to provide the generator services you need to keep your generator running, along with professional support and peace of mind that makes your life easier. Contact our generator repair experts today for service in the following locations:

  • Agoura Hills
  • Calabasas
  • Camarillo
  • Moorpark
  • Santa Clarita
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Westlake Village
  • Simi Valley
  • Oxnard
  • Ventura
  • Chatsworth
  • Northridge
  • North Hills
  • Canoga Park
  • West Hills
  • Woodland Hills
  • Van Nuys