Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Automation

Compared to some other Californian towns, Simi Valley has pretty mild winters, most of which have bright and sunny days. When the sun goes down and the temperature dips, you know you need a reliable heater to stay warm. So how come your heating system is blowing out cold air when you turn it on? Let’s start with the basics.


Have you ever wondered how you can live a more convenient or more affordable life? What about how you can increase the amount of control you have over your home, even when away? With newer technology, such as smart home automation, you gain the ability to control various aspects of your home at a glance. This allows for greater energy efficiency throughout the house and, ultimately, lowers your energy bills. With that said, it is definitely worth considering if this system is the right choice for your home in Simi Valley, CA. 

Added Accessibility 

While the installation of a new smart home system involves tricky wiring that is best left to the professionals at RR Electric, the platforms are very user-friendly. In fact, they can be accessed from just about anywhere and are available via mobile devices. Typically, any smart devices that are controllable through the hub can be accessed through the mobile app. Based on that, the accessibility of the whole home automation system is incomparable to that of traditional systems. 

Safety and Security

Due to increased accessibility, safety in the home is far greater. You can view the property easier and control different elements to ensure no safety hazards are present. This includes checking all appliances to confirm none are left on when no one is in the home.  

Security is also increased by smart cameras, door locks, and security systems. In most cases, the lighting system is incorporated too, so there is the ability to turn on lights automatically when someone approaches your home. No matter your location, whether home or just down the street, the benefits of added safety and security can greatly increase your home value.

Greater Convenience

Overall, smart home systems provide you with power right at your fingertips. This system empowers you and your family to do a whole lot more and provides you with the ability to adjust the light switches anywhere in the home, change the temperature on the thermostat, and check security cameras — all from your phone. Essentially, it can save you a substantial amount of time, money, and concern. 

Home Value


Next Steps

At RR Electric, we offer smart home system installations to make the transition easy for residents in Simi Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas. We also offer household electrical repairs and house electrical panel upgrades, so whatever electrical services you need, turn to our team of licensed electricians to get the job done. Contact us for more information!