Is It Time to Clean My Air Ducts?

With summer right around the corner, you've probably already dusted off your patio furniture and are prepping your pool for fun in the sun. After all, there’s nothing like a little spring cleaning to get the ball rolling. However, even though your floors are sparkling and windows shine, your home may not be as clean as you think. What about the places that many people turn a blind eye to?

Sadly, your air ducts, which are the metal channels that pump the hot and cold air through your house, are a common meeting place for dirt, dust, dander and other allergens. Cleaning the air ducts of your home isn’t something you should tackle alone. It’s actually quite complicated and requires extensive knowledge of HVAC systems configuration and attempting a DIY cleaning can leave you with damaged ducts.

You may be wondering “how do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?”

Continue reading to learn some of the telltale signs of dirty air ducts.

Mold Within the Air Conditioner or Furnace

Every HVAC unit must be maintained regularly. It’s recommended that you schedule two visits a year. Since both furnaces and air conditioning units produce condensation, mold growth is a very common possibility, making your tune-ups even more vital to your HVAC and air duct health.

During the inspection, they will check your entire system, including your ductwork for any leaks, mold or issues. If the technician tells you that you have mold growing in the air ducts, you’ll have to contact a mold specialist. Never attempt to clean it yourself. Mold clean up, if done incorrectly, can leave you ill, so always contact a specialist, so you can ensure the mold is removed entirely and correctly.

Remember, having mold on your AC unit or furnace isn’t exactly a guarantee that your air ducts are infested with it, too but the risk of it happening is significantly increased.

Your Home is Newly Built

Even though contractors are extensive when it comes to cleaning after a new construction site, dust and debris always find its way into your home. If your HVAC system isn’t covered up during construction or renovation, the residual dust and debris will enter the air ducts.

Dust from new construction can be dangerous as it contains particulate matter that shouldn’t be breathed in. This can lead to further health issues if not addressed right away. Schedule a duct cleaning after construction is always a safe bet, especially if you want to extend your HVAC’s lifespan.

You’ve Realized The Heating and Cooling Cost is Rising

The cost of your heating and cooling should be predictable each year. If your bill that is considerably higher than the last, your home’s air ducts may be the culprit. In severe cases, air ducts can become so filthy to the point that the air isn’t able to flow efficiently through the HVAC system.

Once this occurs, your AC unit or furnace is forced to work harder than usual. In turn, it uses more energy to keep your home warm or cold. Also, the longer your system runs, the harder it is on your HVAC system.

In some cases, the cause of your extravagant utility bills may not be obstruction. It could be due to air leakage. Most air duct systems are divided into sections throughout a house with seals put in place to prevent air leakage. Over time, these seals can deteriorate, reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Regardless of the season, being without heating or air conditioning can be a complete nightmare. What’s worse is that you may even be paying extra for the air you don’t get to enjoy.

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