What’s the Safest Temperature for Babies?

Being proud parents of a brand new baby is one of the most exciting times in your entire life. You would do anything to make sure your baby is comfortable, loved, and of course — safe! Speaking of comfort, you should make sure the baby’s room is set up with comfort in mind. And that’s what this blog is designed to do!

The Perfect Temperature for Babies

When setting the thermostat for your baby’s room (or whichever room the little tike is in), you want to set it to a comfortable temperature range.

The ideal temperature range you should aim for is anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the warm weather months, aim for the lower end of this range while aiming for the higher end of this range during the cool weather months.

Tips to Keep Your Baby Comfortable and Safe

Invest in Zone Heating & Cooling

You can obviously set the temperature on your thermostat and have your entire home become this temperature. However, that can require a lot of energy which in turn, requires a lot of money!

Instead, opt for a thermostat that allows for zone heating and cooling. What this does is allow you to set the temperature of specific areas of your home — like the baby’s room. This will prevent you from having to heat or cool areas like the guest room or other rooms you don’t normally spend time in.

Zone heating and cooling is a big-time money saver — without having to sacrifice comfort!

Install a Smart Thermostat

Since not all thermostats support zone heating and cooling, you may have to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

This next-level thermostat will also allow you to have zone heating and cooling, set schedules for temperature changes, adjust temperatures from a mobile device app when you’re not home, and many other features (depending on the model).

Being able to have full control over your thermostat will allow you to make immediate changes to your home’s temperature in case the baby’s room begins to get too cold or too warm.

Be Wary of Too Many Layers

Dressing your bundle of joy in a cute outfit is what being a parent is all about! When naptime arrives, make sure you recognize how many layers of clothing your baby has on in addition to what you cover them with.

If the room is warmer and you have the baby dressed in layers with a blanket on, this could cause your child to sweat and possibly overheat. On the other hand, if the room is cooler and your baby doesn’t have enough cover, they could become sick.

Pay attention to what the temperature is on the thermostat and dress the baby accordingly so they are nestled in and comfortable.

Keep the Crib Empty

For the first year, you want to keep the crib bare of any items. This includes stuffed animals, pillows, and any other form of decor.

While it might seem appealing to make the room look “cute,” you want to avoid having any items that could fall over and cover your baby. If something were to fall and cover them, it would be extremely unsafe for the baby and could prevent them from breathing properly.

This goes for blankets too. Sure, you can use very small, lightweight blankets, but this blanket shouldn’t come up any higher than your baby’s chest. Ensure the blanket is also tucked into the bed (you don’t want your baby to lift their legs and have the blanket fall over their face).

Circulate the Air With a Fan

When a baby breathes, there’s a chance of them “re-breathing.” This is when the baby will breathe in the air they just let out. This is dangerous because they will be breathing in carbon dioxide rather than oxygen.

Utilizing a ceiling fan will allow the air within the room to circulate, thus decreasing the chances of rebreathing. You also won’t have to worry about the fan making your baby too cold as long as they’re not directly in the path of the “wind chill.”

Knowing these tips on creating the perfect atmosphere for your baby will keep your baby comfortable and safe.

If you’re in need of a professional HVAC technician to help assist you with HVAC maintenance, repairs, or the installation of a new thermostat — know that our pros here at RR Electric Heating & Air are here for you and your family!