HVAC and Home Fall Tips

Fall is here! Though you might not be too consumed with your back-to-school routine, one thing homeowners everywhere should keep in mind is keeping your HVAC and home air quality in tip-top shape. With the constant in and out of the new fall routine, here’s everything you can do to ensure your home is comfortable and prepared for the season ahead.

Change Your Air Filters

This is a task you should consider as part of your routine cleaning. When your air filters are dirty or neglected, layers of dust and dirt can build upon them. When this occurs, your air quality can severely suffer. Not only will it have a harder time filtering out the allergens as it should, but your system will have to work overtime to get your home to an even temperature. Often, a dirty filter will lead to spotty air temperatures throughout your home.

So to keep your system always working as it should, your home’s temperature even, and your air quality where it needs to be, be sure to change or clean your filters as requested by the manufacturer.

Take Off Your Shoes

Think about all the dirt, debris, and random germs your shoes pick up daily. Now think about how those germs are easily spread throughout your home when your shoes stay on past the front door. By keeping your shoes at the door and switching to a pair of slippers or house shoes, you can make cleaning your floors a bit easier and reduce your chance for allergens.

Dust More Often

The change of weather can bring on some added dust in the air. With a regular cleaning schedule, such as vacuuming and dusting twice a week, you can keep these particles at bay and your air clean as can be.

Pro Tip: If you don’t already have one or are in the market for a new vacuum, consider going with a HEPA filter model. These heavy-duty vacuums get the maximum amount of allergens out of your carpets and floors, making them perfect for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Utilize Your Fans

Your first thought when the temperature changes might be to hit the thermostat, but your ceiling fans can play a big part in your home’s temperature too. In fact, they are a great asset to use all year long (just change the direction of the blades). Besides, ceiling fans help your air circulate, bringing the hot air down or the cool air up, depending on the direction of the fans.

Open Some Windows

Ventilation is a necessary part of good air quality, and though your HVAC system is the main contributor to this, you should also utilize some fresh air when you can. When the temperatures are a bit mild, consider opening some windows and letting the outside air in. The breeze can help cool off the temperature a few degrees and get rid of indoor allergens too.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

These modern-day thermostats are more than just a modern take on the old dial; they are a great way to ensure energy efficiency, too. Not only can they be set through an app via your smartphone, but they can also learn your heating and cooling habits. You can even schedule daily temperatures so that they adjust for ultimate comfort. Not to mention, if you’re out somewhere or planning a trip and forget to change your home’s thermostat, you can easily do so while away.

Indoor Air Quality in Simi Valley

Beyond these daily tips and home hacks, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers can all help keep your air quality where it needs to be. Our expert team can help find the best air quality solution for you. Let our family-owned and operated team of Simi Valley indoor air quality technicians inspect your home. Call (805) 900-0123 to get started.