Bring Your Home into the 21st Century: A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Homes

Breakthroughs in wireless technology combined with humanity’s drive for more convenience has led to a revolution in home automation. In just the past few years, major advancements in smart devices have allowed homeowners to customize their living environment more than ever. RR Electrical Heating & Air is a leading provider of home services.
A woman using a smart thermostat in a Simi Valley, CA home.

Breakthroughs in wireless technology combined with humanity’s drive for more convenience have led to a revolution in home automation. In just the past few years, major advancements in smart devices have allowed homeowners to customize their living environment more than ever. RR Electric, Heating & Air is a leading provider of home services.

Our team of professional technicians offers a wide range of services, from lighting upgrades to electrical wiring and repair. We are proud to provide communities with high-quality customer service and expertise. Here we will briefly discuss some steps you can take to bring your home into the 21st century:

Starting Smart

Let’s start our smart home beginner guide at the beginning: choosing a hub.

If you intend to turn your house into a smart home, the first thing you will need to do is set up a “base of operations” that will serve as a central hub for controlling your home. Many consumers opt for selecting a smart speaker as their command center. With the addition of a virtual assistant, smart speakers allow a homeowner to access smart devices without the need for a screen interface.

Smart speakers, which work with voice commands, can connect to a wide range of smart home products, including everything from smart lighting to your thermostat. One of the most popular smart speakers to date, the Amazon Echo, includes the voice assistant Alexa. The Amazon Echo Show includes a screen display if you’re also looking for a visual component.

Using Helpful Apps

It is also incredibly important to note that most smart devices can also be controlled remotely through apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. This is extremely useful when you want to alter specific settings for home automation.

If you plan on building a smart home, you should know that not all smart home devices are compatible with all platforms. For instance, you’ll want to choose devices (such as an iPhone) that will be compatible with your Apple Homekit. When learning how to set up a smart home, it’s crucial to check that the smart home hub you want to use will work with your current devices.

Now that you know the basics of how to set up a smart home, let’s discuss the products that you can incorporate.

Brighten Up Your Home

After learning how to set up a smart home, you might want to start with uncomplicated products. Perhaps the easiest way to start turning your house into a smart home is with the addition of smart light bulbs. Intelligent lighting has many benefits that include energy savings, convenience, and added security.

To get started, you will only need to purchase the light bulbs and a communication hub. Most manufacturers make their bulbs compatible with apps and virtual assistants. This allows you to control your home’s lighting through several points of access. 

Homeowners can also manage lighting while away from home through the use of the applications mentioned above.

We want you to know that you have options when it comes to this smart home beginner guide. If you’d rather plug your lamps into the wall—but are still looking for a hands-free touch—consider smart plugs. Smart plugs still allow you to control the lights from an app.

Smart Security for Peace of Mind

After you’ve learned how to set up a smart home, you can pick and choose what parts of your home you want to enhance—such as your security system.

Smart security may take a little more effort to set up properly, but it provides your family and home with an efficient and effective safety system. From the addition of an intelligent doorbell/camera, such as Ring, to more complex configurations encompassing whole home monitoring, a smart security system allows your family to live with maximum protection.

24/7 Security

Almost all smart security systems come equipped with the ability to monitor your house while not at home. Whether at work or on a distant vacation, you’ll be able to monitor activities at your house via security cameras and sensor systems. Plus, there are outdoor models that include lights to keep your porch or doorway lit.

Homeowners can also set up applications to give warnings about potential intruders or other dangers. Smart home security systems offer unparalleled protection for you and your loved ones. You can even add products such as smart locks to increase your home security.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Once you’ve learned how to set up a smart home, consider adding products that will make your daily routine easier. Smart garage door openers connect to your existing garage door through your WiFi network.

Like most products on our smart home beginner guide, you can use smart garage door openers with voice controls or an app on your phone. These products are easy to install and will make accessing your garage’s electric vehicle charging station a breeze.

Do you have an EV but need a charging station? Contact RR Electric for an electric vehicle charging station installation in Simi Valley.

Don’t Touch the Thermostat

The days of manually adjusting your thermostat have come to an end. A smart thermostat is a great and easy way to upgrade your home and save money as well. Intelligent temperature control systems give you the ability to program your thermostat settings throughout the day. You can program your home’s HVAC system to work only when the house is occupied or when temperatures meet a certain threshold. Energy costs for consumers who have installed smart thermostats are significantly lower than those who use traditional temperature control systems.

If there’s one essential thing to take away from this smart home beginner guide, it’s that there’s a wide range of options. There are devices to suit the needs of every homeowner when it comes to upgrading their house. With just a little bit of research, patience, and effort, anyone can bring their home into the 21st century with smart devices.

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