Apprentice Program


The apprenticeship program at Polar Bear Air Conditioning is what you make it! We need top notch technicians, professional salespersons and effective managers to continue providing the best service on island. So if you consistently take the initiative to go the extra mile in your work and training then there’s no limit to the opportunities available.

Our program consists of on the job training, online educational courses, overseas certification courses and regular peer and manager evaluations. Raises are dependent on periodic scoring of Skills, Attitude & Knowledge by senior technicians, level of training achieved, uniform checks and evaluations.



You are probably well aware that Cayman is hot all year round. Well, this means business is booming all the time. A career in the Air Conditioning industry provides a high level of job security even during hard economic times. There is a high and growing demand for experts in this field around the world with an average salary around $40,000.

Also, if your dream is to travel at some point, being a proven expert in this trade can take you almost anywhere in the world and you’ll be compensated just as well. EXCITING!! Just give us your first 4-6 years and later when you get tired of traveling join us for another 10 years.

What Is An Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician?

An Air Conditioning technician has the vital responsibility to keep homes and businesses cool and to ensure that the people inside are breathing clean and healthy air. Achieving this includes proper installation of air conditioning systems, regular preventive maintenances and system repairs.


What Next?

After successfully completing the Polar Bear Apprenticeship Program you will be titled a Lead Air Conditioning Technician. With experience and good performance you will continue to receive raises that could reach a $60,000 salary (not including commission). Also, there are career progression opportunities beyond a Lead Technician. These include Field/Office Supervisor, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Service Coordinator, Service Manager, etc. Managerial positions such as these usually earn between $80,000 to $120,000.