What Causes Power Surges?

A man checking a circuit breaker on an electrical panel.

We’ve all experienced that sudden flicker of lights or the unexpected shutdown of a device while watching our favorite show or working on a critical project. These events can be alarming and frustrating. So, what causes power surges in the first place? Understanding the underlying reasons behind these electrical hiccups is essential, not just for […]

Circuit Breaker vs. Fuse: Understanding the Key Differences

A breaker box.

Electricity has become as essential to our daily lives as air and water. However, many of us are unfamiliar with the technical details of how our homes and devices stay safe from electrical problems. Key elements in the protection of our electrical setups include circuit breakers and fuses. Understanding the key difference between a circuit […]

Your Guide to Fixing Loose Electrical Outlets

A plug in a wall outlet.

Loose electrical outlets are a common issue in many homes and can pose various risks, including electrical hazards and fire dangers. In this comprehensive blog, we will walk you through how to fix loose outlets safely and efficiently. Always remember safety comes first. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks, don’t hesitate to contact a […]

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade an Electrical Panel?

A close-up of a hand switching an electrical panel circuit breaker.

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel is an essential step to ensuring a safe and efficient electrical system. However, one common question homeowners often grapple with is: how much does it cost to upgrade an electrical panel? In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the factors that influence electrical panel upgrade costs, helping you make an […]

Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

A man with a shocked expression taking off his glasses so he can read his energy bill.

Is your electric bill shockingly high? You might be wondering why your electricity usage suddenly spiked or why you’re paying more than you expected. High electric bills can be frustrating, stressful, and threatening to your budget. Below, we’ll help you understand the causes of high electric bills and provide some practical solutions to save money […]

What Is Knob and Tube Wiring?

Close up for knob and tube wiring in old Simi Valley home

One particular type of electrical wiring that has gained notoriety is knob and tube. But what is knob and tube wiring, exactly? Is it dangerous to have in your home? These are all important questions when considering the electrical safety of a home. Below, we’ll discuss what you can expect from this type of wiring. […]

Are LED Lights Safe?

A woman replacing an LED light in a lighting fixture.

LED lights have quickly become a popular choice among homeowners in the United States. LEDs, which is an abbreviation for “light-emitting diodes,” are known to produce more light than incandescent light bulbs. Of course, many people have become skeptical of this lighting option. So, this begs the question: are LED lights safe? Should you be […]

5 Tips to Change a Recessed Light Bulb

A person installing a recessed light bulb in a fixture on the ceiling.

LED recessed lighting can transform any room into an elegant, modern-looking space. These ceiling lights have become a popular choice among homeowners due in part to their versatility and color options. However, it’s important to note that the light bulbs in these fixtures can be trickier to replace than other kinds. Essentially, recessed light bulbs […]

What Is a Surge Protector?

Lightning striking behind a house.

Many of us take home appliances and electronic devices for granted. We absentmindedly run the dishwasher in the morning and power up our laptops without so much as a second thought. It’s easy to forget that unexpected events — such as power surges — can damage these belongings if we’re not careful.

A Bright History: The Life-Changing Discovery of Electricity

A woman changing a lightbulb in Moorpark, CA.

Whether you’re running a load of laundry or running your air conditioner on a hot day, it’s easy to take electricity for granted. Nonetheless, we rely on electricity on a near-constant basis and panic when we encounter a sudden power outage. In its simplest form, electricity involves the presence or movement of electrical charges. While […]