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HVAc & Electrical Services for Agrora Hills, CA

Whether your home needs to be rewired or your AC system’s ducts need to be cleaned, you can rely on our Agoura Hills electrical contractors and HVAC technicians to get the issue resolved. At RR Electric, Heating & Air, we have over 25 years of experience servicing many types of units and use the knowledge we gained over the years to diagnose and fix problems with your system.

It can be inconvenient when your electricity is not working or your HVAC system is acting up. We understand the frustrations that come with having malfunctioning equipment, which is why we deliver exceptional service to make sure your systems are working correctly and that you are comfortable and safe in your home.

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With various how-to books and videos available, it may be tempting to work on your electrical system yourself, but doing this type of work on your own can cause injury or damage. Our Agoura Hills electrical repair professionals have the tools and knowledge to safely and efficiently repair and replace the various electrical components in your home. We undergo rigorous training and continuing education to ensure we use proper techniques when working on your electrical components.

Electrical services we offer include:

  • Electrical wiring services
  • Breakers and fuses services
  • LED recessed lighting services
  • Ceiling fan services
  • Surge protection services

Heater Repair & Installation in Agoura Hills

Our heating technicians are also qualified to perform maintenance, installation, and repairs to your home’s heating system. We thoroughly inspect the unit to detect issues that need attention and fix or replace the problem-causing component. Our goal is to make sure your system provides the heat necessary to keep you and your family warm during the cold winter months.

We deliver quality heating services, including:

  • Furnace and heater repairs
  • Furnace and heater replacements
  • Furnace and heater tune-ups
  • Indoor air quality services

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement in Agoura Hills

Our certified Agoura Hills AC repair & maintenance technicians are skilled at servicing a variety of cooling systems and their components. When the outside temperature starts rising, having a properly functioning AC will help you stay cool inside. We understand that you want to maintain a certain level of comfort, and so we work efficiently, without sacrificing quality, to get your system working. We also offer fast 60-minute services if your system needs to be inspected right away.

We have experience with the following services:

  • Air conditioning installations
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • AC tune-ups
  • Air duct cleaning services
  • Air duct replacements & upgrades

Providing Quality Service You Can Trust

Our team at RR Electric, Heating & Air has been providing top-notch services to residents of Agoura Hills and the surrounding areas for over two decades, and we treat all of our customers with the professionalism and respect they deserve. When you work with us, repairs and installations are performed by technicians who know the ins and outs of their craft and can take care of your electrical, heating, and cooling system needs.

As a family-owned and operated business, the work we perform at your home reflects not only us as a business but also as a family, which is why we make sure to provide service you can trust.

If you are having issues with your electrical , heating or AC system, call us at (805) 386-9740 or contact us online to make an appointment.