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There is a common misconception around the nation that just because you live in California you have no need to have any sort of heating unit. Those of us who live in California, however, realize that even if you live in extremely warm climates like Los Angeles and Ventura counties, there are still a number of months during the year in which it is necessary to be able to heat your home. And there is nothing more annoying than leaving work and heading home, expecting to be able to walk into a warm apartment or house, only to discover that your heater has broken.

How We Can Help

At RR Electric Heating & Air Conditioning, we have experts who are trained in working with a wide array of different types of heating units, ensuring that no matter what type of heating unit you have we will be able to get the warm air pumping into your house in no time. Not only are our experts able to repair units, they are also qualified to install units as well. In fact, the highly trained experts at RR Electric Heating & Air Conditioning are qualified to handle a number of different situations that are connected with your heating unit, including:

  • installation
  • preventative maintenance
  • outdoor and patio heating
  • duct cleaning
  • commercial services
  • zoning
  • thermostat installation and repair
  • energy management
  • heating upgrade or replacement
  • leak detection

As you can see, our experts are ready and able to handle almost any situation that can be connected to heating unit. This means in a matter whether you need your heating unit repaired, are installing a brand-new unit, or simply want to make sure that your heating unit is ready for the winter by having inspected and thoroughly cleaned, we’re ready to handle the job. For more information on how we can help you to handle any of your heating needs, feel free to contact us via phone or using our online interface.