What Common Household Appliances Use the Most Electricity?

Homeowner looking at horror at high electricity consumption

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to better understand their homes, whether to cut electricity costs or to figure out the implications of home renovations to maximize their comfort. Regardless of the reason, it’s a good idea to know how much electricity appliances use in your home and its impact on you and your family. 

What Appliances Use the Most Electricity in a Home?

Some of your most important and valuable items are responsible for the most energy consumption in your home. Your appliances’ energy usage is measured in kilowatt-hours, and the appliances that use the most electricity in your home are determined by the watts and the length of time you use them for. 

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Your search for how much electricity appliances use in your home should start with your air conditioning and heating systems. Your HVAC system contributes 45-50% towards the energy consumption in your home, which could result in up to 2000 kWh of usage per month. 

An inefficient or faulty HVAC system can run you a hefty monthly bill, so if you find yourself looking for heating or air conditioner repair in Simi Valley, look no further than RR Electric.

Water Heater

Your water heater is another appliance that uses some of the most electricity in your home. Water heaters usually run for about 3 hours a day, and water heating averages about 400 kWh a month. Older water heaters spend more time a day running to heat your water. Consider checking the Energy Factor (EF) of your water heater and its age if you want to get an idea of how efficient your water heater is for your home. 


Your lights require a lot of electricity consumption, especially if you leave them on for multiple hours a day. The energy a lightbulb consumes depends on a few factors, and fortunately, there are a few ways you can save on electricity usage (which we’ll get to in a bit). 

A typical incandescent bulb, operating for about two hours, uses about 5-6 kWh per month. The more lights you have in your home, the higher the energy consumption. Many homeowners see 300+ kWh of the total energy used on lighting.


If you’ve been wondering how much electricity appliances use in your home, you’ve probably given your computer and TV screens a couple of menacing glares. Electronics take up around 5-10% of our energy consumption. If your kids love video games or if you have a family member who can’t get rid of the cable box, you can see 60 kWh of energy usage per month. 

Home Appliances

Home appliances’ energy usage adds up quickly, and you can find yourself with an expensive long-term problem if you don’t track the energy usage of your major devices. Ovens, stoves, microwaves, and washers and dryers are just a few of the major appliances you often use that drive up your electricity bill.

  • Microwave:16-18 kWh/month
  • Oven: 58 kWh/month
  • Washing machine: 10 kWh/month
  • Dryer: 70 kWh/month
  • Dishwasher: 25 kWh/month

How Can I Reduce Consumption and Save Money?

Fortunately, there are many ways you can rake in energy savings, and you don’t have to change much to do so. A good energy plan starts with energy-efficient appliances. Consider replacing a few of your older appliances with modern ones that won’t have you constantly questioning how much electricity appliances use in your home. 

Maximize your use of natural lights instead of lightbulbs, and replace any faulty windows or caulk up doorways and windows so that you don’t let in the outside temperatures. This will also help save on HVAC costs as it keeps your system from working overtime to cool or warm your home. 

Slow rinse showerheads can help you save money and still enjoy a nice warm shower, and you can turn down your water heater when on long trips or vacations to save a decent chunk of change. 

RR Electric Can Help You Save on Your Energy Costs!

You might be upset at how much electricity appliances use in your home, but you don’t have to drain your wallet any longer. RR Electric has expert electricians in Simi Valley that can guide you through your electricity-saving journey. Follow a few of those tips above and reach out to us today, and you’re on your way to savings!