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Sharon Lapin
Thousand Oaks, CA

Richard, This is to inform you that Lynette was so nice to me. Jason Booth is honest and good at his profession and very helpful.

What a wonderful team for your company.

Tom & Linda Hohmann
Granada Hills, CA

Dear RR Electric,
This past August we contacted your company for troubleshooting and repair, as well as replacement, of our house\'s panel. We were delighted with the service we received from everyone we talked to and worked with.

Lennet always answered the phone cheerfully and was very helpful. When she discovered that we were without any power she volunteered that we really needed help and that she would direct an electrician to us as soon as one was available. She was good as her word. On a follow LII) trouble call she let us know that our electrician was busy on a job but would call us soon and he did. She also voluntarily checked the status of the DVVP \'spotter\' and let us know that she had already placed a request and was waiting for a call back. She said that she would emphasize that we needed approval because our panel was failing.

JC was a delight to work with. He explained the problem clearly and offered several choices as to what could be clone. When a choice was made, he wrote a simple and direct contract that described the work and cost. We opted for the repair with a later panel upgrade to 200 amps. The repair was accomplished quickly (a new 100 amp push breaker).

When we had a related problem that Friday, JC called from another job and gave us a time estimate as to when he would arrive. He arrived as promised and was able to fix the problem.

On Saturday, JC, and his helper Raul, showed up early and began work to replace the panel. JC offered to run the ground to a faucet that was slightly further than the closest one but would be out of the way on the side yard. This was greatly appreciated. After a hard days work the job was completed in the early evening. JC completed the paperwork and carefully explained the charges for the additional work that I had authorized during the clay (an AC disconnect).

When JC left we felt we had received everything we paid for, with a job well clone and a smile from a hardworking, polite, and thorough electrician.

Leonard Lebow
Encino, CA

Mr. Richard Rogero, Subject: Excellent Service I would like to thank you for the excellent experience I had on Saturday, November 26, 2005, with Richard Booth, your employee. Richard was very professional, detail-oriented, reliable, knowledgeable, and very professional, detail-oriented, reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I was delighted with the quality and level of service provided by Richard, as well as the manner in which he provided advice and assistance. I was also pleased that Richard\'s quick response. Additionally, I was very pleased that Richard and Jose worked together to get the job done within my budget. Jose was very responsive to my call and always kept in touch to keep me updated on the schedule. It is clear that you run a top-notch company with top-notch employees.

Jillian Barberie
Tarzana, CA

The heat was on — thanx to you, I cooled off!

The Ventura County Star

Community helps solar project for seniors see the light of day

Greti Croft knows how hard it is for tenants living in her Simi Valley apartment building to pay for necessities such as rent, medicine and food.

Croft does what she can for the low-income seniors of the Peppertree Court Apartments. She brings food to those too proud to ask, allows late rent payments and sometimes forgives rent altogether.

Last fall, Croft decided to help with their electricity bills, too. She hired a contractor to install solar panels at the complex and took out a mortgage on her own home to cover the $276,000 cost.

The contractor promised the work would be completed while Croft was on vacation in October. It never happened.

But with the help of city officials, a local installer and Southern California Edison, the seniors in the 38-unit complex today have a roof full of solar panels and are saving money.

“For me, it was such a disaster, but everybody pulled together,” Croft said. “Everybody wanted to help the seniors. It was a common effort that everybody did.”

When Croft returned from vacation and nothing was done, the contractor told her it was the city’s fault. But when Croft contacted the city Planning Department, she was told the contractor never went to the city, and no permit application was ever filed.

Shannon Nash, a city planner, did a little research on the contractor and said its Web site didn’t seem legitimate. “It just didn’t look right,” Nash said.

She said the contract was loosely put together, and a little more online research revealed other allegations of fraud involving the contractor.

The situation is now being investigated by the Simi Valley Police Department, said Jim Eicher, a deputy district attorney. The contractor could not be reached for comment.

On a recent sunny day, the electricity at the Patricia Street building was generated entirely by the 500 solar panels. Linda Smith and her husband have lived there for 20 years on a limited income.

“Every penny helps,” Smith said. “A little more saved each month means things won’t be so tight.”

Croft bought the apartment complex about 10 years ago and does her part to make life easier for the seniors. She brightens rooms with flowers or a new piece of art. She works with local nonprofit groups to bring in food and additional services. “These people need our help,” Croft said.

Croft pursued the project with the contractor to try to save her tenants an estimated $40 or $50 per month in utility costs. The sales pitch, Croft said, was that the project ultimately would fully fund itself through energy rebates.

Croft said she made a mistake by not checking the contractor’s license or asking for references. The contractor, she said, wasn’t qualified to do the work.

Eventually she was able to get about $100,000 back from the contractor, enough to buy solar panel equipment for a local company to install, she said.

Unlicensed contractors lack accountability and are more likely to be involved in construction scams, said Ted Drago, deputy director/building inspector of the city Environmental Services Department. Drago urged residents to be wary of them.

“Construction is very slow throughout the industry, and there are people out there looking to get opportunities,” Drago said. Croft later learned from Southern California Edison that she would be eligible for rebates that would almost make up what she lost to the contractor, she said.

RR Electric Heating and Air Conditioning stepped forward to help with the installation and worked closely with the city. Richard Rogero, president of RR Electric Heating and Air Conditioning, was checking the solar panels on Thursday. He said that since the panels began working Dec. 29, they have prevented the release of 120,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.

Electricity bills have been cut in half. On sunny days, the building can run solely on the solar panels, Rogero said. Councilman Glen Becerra helped move the project forward and introduced Rogero to Croft.

“It’s horrible that someone would seemingly take advantage of her. She’s a trusting and good-natured person,” Becerra said.

Next week, Croft will host a thank-you party for those who helped. Becerra said he will be there. “She’s fighting for her residents,” he said. “She’s just a good person trying to do the right thing.”

Ernest Borgnine
Beverly Hills, CA

To Richard, Thank you for your work and God Bless

Penelope Menchaca

Miles de beso para mis amigos de RR Electric los mas guapo de to todos

Nancy Lee Grahn
North Hollywood, CA

To Richard,
I will call you to light up my life anytime.

Thank you for everything.

Rex Linn
Sherman Oaks, CA

Kindness goes a long way! Customer service is everything! You\'ve done a great job with your company (Eddie & Jennifer).

Michael and Rachel Chandler

Dear Richard,

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your company\'s work on my home this week. We phoned in last Saturday after a mysterious power problem knocked out one of the electrical circuits in our house. Jose arrived and found the problem quickly (in a place unrelated to the circuit that was out — I never would have found it). At that point, we shared some of our concerns about power deficiencies and Jose confirmed that the house was under powered and would benefit from a panel upgrade. For years, we\'ve watched our lights flicker when our washing machine runs the spin cycle. In minutes, Jose produced a fair quote and a commitment to return in days to conduct the work.

Both Jose and Steven have spent two solid days upgrading our panel and rewiring where necessary. Their work has been unobtrusive, very neat and clearly effective. As a software developer and technology enthusiast, I am delighted to know that my house can now easily support the many wonderful toys we want to plug in as well as the appliances that we MUST plug in. Our light flicker is gone and we\'re one step closer to a more modern infrastructure.

Jose and Steven are professionals and we are exceedingly pleased with their work. We know we have more issues to iron out in our house related to power and heating/air conditioning and we hope that when we contact you in the future that you\'ll send Jose & Steven to do the job.

Jimmy Raitt Westlake Village, CA
To: Mr. Richard Rogero
Subject: Jose a very good technician

As a homeowner it is very difficult finding a responsible electrician and when you do you want to pass the name to all your friends. This I will do. Perhaps you can XEROX Jose.. .send him on all the jobs.

I plan on calling R & R next week with additional projects.

Please schedule Jose for any work @ Kingsboro Court. I would be remiss if I didn\'t mention Sing.. .you can put a star next to his name also.